• Say hello to BALTIC JUDO. We create awesome and friendly sport solutions.

    This presentation is targeted to invite new partners to propose close cooperation in regional judo development.

  • We are a small sport creature dedicated to build great sport projects.

    Our ambitions are to support and coordinate new projects in Balticum, binding local authorities and active sport promotors.

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More About Us

Our Running Projects.

Our Special Services.

If You did not find desired service proposal from our side, please contact us and we shall try to find a solution...


Invent and Build attractive offers, Set conditions for partners and beneficiars to accept them, Construct and penetrate fruitfull relationships for all participants.

Material support.

Dedicated material support and motivated distribution.


Videography & Photo.

Guarantee public and easy accessible proceduires for all processes follow-up.


Strictly follow the set of standards and applicable rules. Produce brand-names to support running business.

Web Services.

Information, Mobile applications, Special applications, Data Server, Security and Hosting.


Office, Secretary services, Education, Event organisation e.c.t.

Who Are We.

A group of judo enthusiasts investing individual free time and skills to make better judo in Baltic region.

Our Process.

Coordination and cooperation with IJF and Baltic region adminisrtative, municipal and sport structures.

Our Approach.

Negotiations, motivation, support and assistance.

Our Goal.

Set high standard to regional events, make them system. Do the system serve to prepare youth selection teams.

Our Mission.

Show professional attitude to processees. Make it rutine.

Meet Our Team.

M. Skrebels


- General management
- System development
- Relations coordination
- Cooperation contacts


Public Relations

- Sytem management
- Regional relations
- Contacts penetration
- Projects coordination


Sport Director LJF

- Events organisation
- Events coordination
- Reffereeng system
- Regional support


Project manager

- Project planning
- Projects realization
- Follow-up
- Services


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